Moreover, it is necessary to reflect a placid neutral beauty, which can show the concept of experiencing the life with a relaxed state of mind. If take music as a metaphor, it is neither popular or classic songs, nor folk rhyme, it is mute and soundless, which will not interrupt people to record a different scene due to the uniqueness on design.

Therefore, the reflection of design is the basic morphology that all the pictures and design need to be restored. Actually, circular and linear are the basic elements to construct the logo and interface. Lines with equal width and perfect circle can show its neutral peace.

Profile page can be designed into more special. Everybody can introduce themselves by a song or just a paragraph of sentences. Moreover, it can make users to explore more excellent post if they like to appear in feeds.

Each trial is aim to meet the necessary product operation through the simplest way, which make users to find the only solution and path without consideration.

Finally I’d like to say my comprehending of concept. What is concept? Everything existed in the world has its own concept. Just like when you are asked what is orange? Then various features of its taste, appearance and so on will come into your mind, which only belong to orange. But what is the difference between apple and orange? Although they are fruits, we can not tell the difference of each attribute easily, this is concept.

Concept is the only way to demonstrate its existence. Who am I? What’s the difference between me and him? What do I want? Each successful product has its own clear concept, product without concept can not be remembered by people, let alone let people find its position from their life.

Wechat. You are just another product and they will respect the special attribute of yours. Just like apple, nobody said apple has good nutrition but it would be better if it has the same taste as orange. Similarly, nobody will say it would be better if twitter can send picture and video.