Subscribed radio application

The two modules of visual corresponding product are mainly divided by color and hierarchy. The ground color of interface at the top layer of the user module is white, while the ground color of bottom layer of platform module is black. In this way, it is clear for users to understand the current interface belongs to which kind of environment, moreover, they can approve whether their targets are conducted under correct process. This idea comes from the design concept of ZARA, which is a brand of clothing. The environmental color of ZARA clothes for female and male is distinct. It is black for male and white for female. Therefore, clients can find their demanding clothes as soon as possible. Similarly, the software can be also designed like this to confirm the position for clear subscription or operation through this kind of environment.

The design inspiration of icon comes from the constantly fluctuating frequency of broadcasting audio. Actually, this form is coincident with playback port of radio at a certain degree, and the current form can be achieved if plus the regular form of playback port with fluctuating behavior.