InYours – mood diary application

The visual design must be very distinctive with addition of mood elements, so that users will not think it is a rational tool application and thus the interest in keeping diary can be increased consequently. A dark background will make the fluorescent diary shining and brilliant. Moreover, calendar is able to create a colorful picture to users, thus they will have a strong desire to keep such kind of picture.

The design of logo focuses on lovely and full style. The anonymous logo is a cartoon pattern made by 26 English letters, which increased the friendliness and enjoyment. A good design can give people a sense of pleasure, which can improve the viscosity of utilizing such application for users.




This application is mood diary which users can choose their current mood through different colors and record their life by word. After a long time of accumulation, users can achieve their own puncher calendar to recall the happy, sad or flat feelings in previous.

A small but beautiful application often can give us some spiritual sustenance. If your diary is open and can be seen by your good friends, the responding cost can be also greatly reduced because their comments are anonymous. On the other hand, publisher will get comments, encourage or comfort from those friends who are embarrassed to talk with you.